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USA Supersonic

The Boeing 2707-300 SST

The Americans decided to pull out of the British offer for America to buy a fleet of the to come, Concorde. Some of the reasons for this was: -the money, Concorde wasnt going to make a big enough profit, -the speed, America was looking for more faster SSTs (Supersonic Transports) more in the range of Mach 3, although British engineers said that flying at Mach 3 would cause some heating problems.
Anyway in 1963 President Kennedy announced that the United States would build their own SST to be a challenger against the British/French future Concorde. But after tonnes of paper work and loads of wooden mock ups the US decided to stop funding their SST project.
~My Comments, This just goes to show that Concorde has beaten the so called most powerfull country in the world the U.S. I have looked at the design of the USs SST and I think that if they ever got to build the real thing it would of probley never of even made a take off.
The reasons for this are: -the size, the US SST is huge. The wing seem to be to small and not streamlined enough to give the huge plane a lift and dont forget to mention the extra weight of the passengers and luggage to lift. This will mean you will also need huge engines and to fly this thing at Mach 2.7 (no chance). But dont forget that the huge engines and the weight of the plane, you will need to use a lot of fuel therefore is not very economical.
Boeing, who were trying to build the US SST had come up with lots more designs heres another. The Boeing 2707-200. This design I think was to complicated. This design had swing wings. The only design that I think might have worked is Lockheeds L2000. If this design was choosen instead of the Boeing things might have been different for America and Concorde.
All of the designs for the USs SST from Boeing to Lockheeds all seem to look rather much like the British/French Concorde in a way.

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